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High Quality Assessment. Same Day Feedback. Same Day Report. No Additional Costs. Multiple Locations.

What is The IQ LAB?

The IQ LAB administers high-quality individual cognitive abilities testing for children and adolescents. Typically this type of testing is requested for the purpose of school admissions or to ensure appropriate educational placement for the child/adolescent.

What makes The IQ LAB’s assessment process unique?

The IQ LAB prioritizes the sharing of test results with requested schools as well as with the student’s parents. The goal of the assessment is not only to provide numerical information to requested schools, but for parents to leave the testing session with a better understanding of their child’s cognitive strengths and weaknesses. Given this goal, we briefly meet in-person with the parents of each student prior to testing and immediately after the testing session to discuss results from the evaluation. The report of findings is also provided on the same day of the evaluation. Given that the assessments are administered by psychologists, we will inform parents of any concerns that may arise during testing and that may warrant further evaluation, beyond the scope of the IQ assessment (e.g., ADHD evaluation).

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